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An all-inclusive global service provider, delivering quintessential risk management solutions, governance and compliance assurance to help businesses face uncertainties with confidence.


Combining the expertise of certified persons from legal, compliance, regulatory, health, safety, security, environment, data privacy, forensic, intelligence and a multitude of other fields, our multidimensional approach to Risk Management helps businesses weather through uncertain times.

Offering a
of perspectives

Converging diversified perspectives on a spectrum of indicators ranging from transnational security threats like war, terrorism, disease outbreaks, and climate change to country-wise political and economic dynamics through geopolitical, business and legal lenses.


With our timely, accurate and reliable intelligence, we ensure that you are informed of potential threats to business continuity. Decision-making made easy.


Initial action to identify and define potential risks that may have adverse impact on your company's business continuity

  • Prevent threats and risk by using our predictive analysis
  • Have access to more than 900+ feeds and alerts being tracked and analysed per day
  • Our database consists of more than 65k+ proprietary incidents, assessments, special reports


Our forward-thinking tools help leadership teams to evaluate the risk and determine its overall consequence to alleviate its impact

  • Real time insights
  • Request for customised reports
  • Use the database to create your own analysis


With our tailored risk management solutions, we assist you in developing an architecture of good corporate governance

  • Get industry benchmarking reports
  • Minimise disruption with real time updates
  • Executive briefing with stakeholders for better management of the situation
  • Request for workshops and training


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Jammu Drone Attack: Changing the Paradigm of Modern Warfare

Jammu Drone Attack: Changing the Paradigm of Modern Warfare

From use of canons to the introduction of aero planes in World War I, improvements in technology have changed the course of warfare. In the 21st century, air warfare too has transformed, as unmanned aerial vehicles take up the front seat.


Turkey's Withdrawal From Women's Protection Treaty

Turkey’s decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention has resulted in the removal of a legally-binding system of checks that would ensure Turkey’s adherence to basic rights of women in a country which has a patriarchal society and where femicides are often covered up as suicides.

European Union Digital COVID-19 Certificate

European Union Digital COVID-19 Certificate

The EU Digital COVID Certificate and commonly called the Green Pass, is a digital document that acts as proof for an individual’s COVID-19 related status, facilitating free movement within the EU. With vaccination drive taking prominence across the world, green passes signal a much needed ease in travel.

Analyzing the Delta Variant Of SARS-CoV-2

Analyzing the Delta Variant Of SARS-CoV-2

Delta Variant and Delta Plus variant have become serious concerns in India. The variant, more infectious than its predecessors, could prove to be the main factor for the third wave. The report analyses the Delta Variant, efficacy of vaccines and the way forward.

Future Of Oil Sector: Mena’s Economic Diversification

Future Of Oil Sector: Mena’s Economic Diversification

Uncertainty in the world and a raging pandemic impacting businesses across the globe it is safe to say that the world needs to diversify its economic operations and MENA is no different. The Insight looks at the growing sectors in MENA with key focus on nuclear, tourism and space.

US Migration Crisis and the ADPA

US Migration Crisis and the ADPA

Currently, the migration surge at the US's southern borders is considered to be the worst situation in 20 years. With the situation only worsening, India Bound analyzes the migration crisis, the American Dream and Promise Act and what it means to the US.