Legal And Compliance

Gap Analysis

    One time review of processes and systems, including legal compliances, contracts, documents, policies, analysis on policy documents versus practice on floor

    • Document & Record Assessment – Overview of broad segments of contracts personnel contracts, vendor contracts. Record assessment of head of expenses, head of revenue and external reporting

    • Industry Benchmarking – Comparative analysis and survey

    • Historical Mapping – Holistic analysis of previous records of companies and market analysis

    • Walkthroughs and interviews – Multiple interviews with business heads and risk owners. Gather inputs from a cross-functional team


    • Structuring of transactions

    • Corporate Documentation

    • Contract management

    • Day-to-day business contracts

    • Vendor and compliance management


    • Effective implementation modules

    • E-learning modules

    • Monthly assessment compliance sheet

    • Workshop for Employees

    • Industry Specific Compliances

Vendor And Employment Solutions

    • Employment Contract

    • Confidentiality

    • Non-compete

    • Severance

    • Termination

    • Employee fraud 


    • Strategizing and drafting leadership business communications and advisory 

    • Leadership engagement platforms

Deal Assurance

    Work closely with legal, procurement and marketing teams to review pre, during and post-deal to bring transparency, ethical business practices and complex negotiations for a win-win situation. 

Dispute Risk Mitigation


    • Drafting and conducting negotiations of personnel contracts (On-boarding documentation, waivers, non-competes, confidentiality, employment agreement, etc.)

    • Management of shareholders agreements, MoA, AoA, MoU - documentation to the execution stage

    • Business agreements, tripartite agreements, facility agreements, franchise agreements, and others for every stage of business products and new ventures

    • Conciliation and mediation documentation and settlement agreements 


    • Time and cost-efficient dispute resolution

    • Experts of the industry preside over the mediation

    • Superior confidentiality and privacy protocols

    • International ADR mechanism

    • Solution-driven results

    • Local network to assist in situation analysis for supply chain problems

    • Resolve issues virtually


    • Outcome risk analysis

    • Analyzing judicial precedents

    • Scrutinizing contract terms 

    • Understanding factual matrix and operating law

    • Emphasizing documentation

    • Budget Risk 


    • Delineating enforceable and non-enforceable claims

    • Mitigating litigation cost

    • Appreciating direct and indirect financial implications

    • Understanding judicial precedents

    • Calculating delays and costs

    • Unforeseen event risk


    • Formulating rules for the protection of action taken in good faith

    • Limiting the period of prosecution (a reference to similar laws and rules)

    • Maintaining  confidentiality

    • Setting out of a procedural framework

Intellectual Property Rights

    Enforcement of trademark, copyright and design rights including suits for infringement and passing off, appeals, writ petitions, special leave petitions, rectification/ revocation petitions etc. before various courts and tribunals in India.


    • Advice on filing and prosecuting patent applications and Validation & Protection of Patent rights

    • Patent protection services including search and watch activities, carrying out due diligence investigations etc.


    • Assisting clients with the protection and registration of trademarks

    • Advice on prosecution of trademarks considering local regulations, long term enforceability criteria etc.

    • Search and watch services, conducting due diligence exercises, market investigations and surveys


    • Assistance on filing and prosecuting applications to register copyright, advising on agreements for the licensing, sale or purchase of copyrighted material, handling cancellations of copyright and representing clients before the Copyright Office and Board in connection with such activities

    • Conducting due diligence investigations to ensure clients are not in breach of third-party rights, such as software licenses

    • Enforcing copyright – litigating civil and criminal suits and pursuing administrative remedies; assisting with search and seizure operations; and guiding clients on issues of customs’ recordals and parallel importation

    • Analyzing overlapping IP rights, drafting take-down notices, and managing online content


    • Conducting Design searches, analyzing design novelty, and filing applications to register design rights

    • Initiation of, and defense against, cancellation actions filed before the Designs Office

    • Maintenance of registered designs & Offering design watch services

    • Advising on the licensing and assignment of design rights, drafting documents connected therewith and assisting clients with seamless recordal of such instruments

    • Enforcement of design rights including dispute resolution through suits of infringement before various courts across India


    Workshops in:

    • DNI

    • Unconscious Bias

    • Anti-Bribery laws/ FCPA laws

    • Data Protection and Privacy

    • POSH and Safety Laws

    • International Integrity Compliance Programs

Employee and Labour Management


    • POSH Laws & Workshops, ICC Committee & Roles

    • Industrial Disputes Laws, Shops & Establishment

    • Homogenizing Global Policies

    • Employment Contract and Waivers


    • Travel Safety of Women Employees

    • Incident Reporting 

    • POSH

    • Management liability for employee safety in company vehicles


    • Labour compliances for staggered shifts post COVID-19 and during lockdown

    • Ensuring POSH compliances during WFH

    • Data Protection and Preservation during WFH

Fraud Investigation (Internal & Third Party)


    • Red Tapism

    • Bureaucratic Channels

    • Evidence Preservation

    • Employee Ethics & Mandates Survey


    • World Bank Guidelines

    • UN Conventions 

    • Fraud Risk Controls of OECD Guidelines


    • Implications of acts of Indian Subsidiary

    • What are Grease Payments, Corporate Hospitality, Settlements, etc.

    • Case Studies 

Cyber Surveillance And Data Protection

    Third-Party Assurance & Regulatory Compliance Services   

    • Employee documentation 

    • Critical Assets documentation 

    • Data Storage Mandates

    • Sensitive Data Collection Documentation and Retention


      Collate data privacy laws across jurisdictions to regulate the collection of information - implement and maintain reasonable data security measures


        • Legally sound Chinese-walls

        • Protection from reputation risk

        • Protection to asset security

        • Detecting threats of geopolitical risks 

      Public Policy & Government Relations Services

        • Regulatory Compliance

        • Interpretation of laws

        • Government Interaction

        • Law enforcement engagement

        • FCPA Compliance

        • Anti Corruption

        • Lawmakers engagement

        • Seminars & Conferences

        • Public Policy discussions

        • Discussions with Senior Govt. Officials & Ministers