Risk Management Services

Fraud Risk Management

    • Reporting Concerns

    • Complete Protection

    • Investigation

    • Presentation to Management

    • Interview

    • Management Documentation

    • Communication to Stakeholders

Business Continuity Management

    • BIA Ratings

    • RTO evaluation

    • BCP planning and framework

    • Simulated crisis management exercise

    • Testing

Enterprise-wide Risk Management Framework

    • Identify potential risks

    • Map Risk Data

    • Assess Present & Future Risks

    • Quantify Risks

    • Accept or Plan Risk Mitigation

    • Transfer Risk or Reduce Risk

    • Risk Modelling

Governance And Assurance

    • Companies Act Standard

    • Compliance

    • Effectiveness of operational controls

    • Robustness of risk management policy

    • Independence of audit committee

    • CSR policy

    • Integrated risk assurance 

    • Linking risk assurance to management oversight

    • Coordinated Risk Reporting

    • Attestation and negative assurance

    • Policy and Compliance Management 

    • SSAE 16 controls

    • SOX Compliance

Trading Compliance Requirement

    • Identify employees with access to confidential material

    • Code of conduct

    • Monitoring personal trading

    • Compliance monitoring and MIS scorecard

    • Culture of compliance

    • Insider Information & Trading

Security Risk Management

    • Building Risk Assessment

    • Locality Risk Assessment

    • Management Roles, Responsibility, Training and Response

    • Asset Protection

    • Physical Security Audit

    • Employee Safety

    • Capacity Building

    • Critical Infrastructure Security

    • Operational Security Assessment

    • Resilience Consulting

    • Vulnerability Assessment

    • Threat Assessment

    • Criticality Assessment

Review Of Transport Security

    • Database of all employees and contractual workers

    • Hiring security personnel from licensed agencies

    • Background verification

    • Ensuring women safety – route selection, security guards' selection

    Solutions are specific to laws in India

Vendor Risk Management

    • Vendor selection based on Comprehensive Due Diligence

    • Employee self-declaration - full disclosure to prevent vendor collusion

    • Random audits and periodic reviews

    • Compliance of vendor staff such as PF, Gratuity and statutory compliances

Travel Security

    • Foreign nationals, executives and members of the board travel to various high-risk areas

    • Senior management travel to high-risk areas

    • Travel briefings to travellers and cab drivers

Executive Protection

    • Executive & Close Protection

    • Travel security assistance to all employees

    • Upon mandate, 24/7/365 coverage of location risk

    • On-call support- pre-travel advice, local security support, travel security assistance, Sit Reps and evacuation plans

    • Customized, tailor made and subtle

    • Low visibility movement

    • Protective surveillance

    • Escort and pilot vehicles

    • Defensive driving 

    • High-profile motorcade support

    • Air charter services

    • Route and venue reconnaissance and clearance

    • Assessment of threat perceptions & intelligence gathering

    • Meeting Family Office and Ultra HNI requirements

    • Cutting-edge risk reduction techniques

Security Risk Alerts

    • Daily brief on events to be on the radar

    • Weekly region-wise update

    • Fortnightly Country Update

    • Monthly Global Update

    • Special Reports on emerging geopolitical topics and geoeconomics

    • Bespoke reports

    • Situation Reports when an incident is taking place

    • Timely monitors on critical topics

    • Advisories 

Crisis Management

    • Mon-Sun business hours on-call consulting

    • 24x7 crisis management support during incidents

    • Real-Time Response- ready to be deployed within hours of the crisis

    • Crisis Communications to preempt threats

    • Crisis Simulation and wargaming

    • Business Continuity Management


    The need for strengthening resiliency has never been as high. The new normal will require companies to be stronger, enhance digitization efforts, ensure robustness in work from home models, optimize their real estate portfolio, ensure customer connect, and above all manage talent in remote environments. The IT needs of the large masses working from home to healthcare needs given the state of health infrastructure would be key in the post-Covid world. 

Green Supply Chain

    • There is an increased focus on corporate supply chains, sourcing, and environmental impact. Integrating sustainable environmental processes at every step of the supply chain right from product design to raw material sourcing, to the selection, to manufacturing and production, to operations and end-of-life management to reduce total environmental impact.

    • Due diligence, vetting criteria, and score-carding of the practices of lower-tier suppliers to include social and environmental considerations.

    • A review of the exposure to serious financial, social, and environmental risks in the absence of direct contractual relationships. Establishing long-term sustainability goals. Including lower-tier suppliers in the overall sustainability strategy.

Security Designing and Consulting

    Events around us require our clients to have enhanced security preparedness and battle readiness. Our security design and consulting on infrastructure ensures structural integrity, robustness keeping in mind aesthetics. Depending on the site risk assessment this could be in layers.

Senior Management Due Diligence

    Discreet due diligence of senior executives being hired for key management position. Assessment on personality, management style, team skills, executive savviness, social profile, and any issues in the previous employment